Our Process Gives You Control
Over Your Product





Ideation & Strategy 

We don't just follow requirements; we question and provide guidance. Our unique ideation process combines the perspectives of designers, architects, developers,  & product owners to provide a 360° view of your product.



Agile Squads

Your squad is responsible for your product from beginning to end. These agile co-located teams plan together, share knowledge, have predictable velocity, and are flexible to adapt to your needs as your product evolves.


2 Week Sprints

Our sprint-based model accelerates developent cycles and allows you to retain control over project velocity. You have full access to all of our management tools so you can stay updated on progress in real-time.


Rolling Wave Planning

Rolling wave planning puts you in the best position to analyze and act upon knowledge that wasn't available at project kick-off. This lowers your risk, minimizes downtime, and allows you to adjust to changing product needs.



End-of-Sprint Product Demos

You get to see how your product is shaping up every two weeks. Each tangible, demostrable release lets you see the product in action, allowing you to adjust when necessary.

A Process That Puts You In The Driver's Seat


We created our custom agile process to offer you low risk, predictable project velocity, and full control over your product. It combines the best parts of different agile development philosophies and is specifically tailored to mobile app development




Plans Together.

Shares knowledge which is
retained for maintenance and future phases.

Completes code reviews.

Has predictable velocity.

Is flexible and adapatable.

Provides sprint delivery and demo.

Works on your product from beginning to end.



Rolling Wave Planning puts you in the best position to make informed decisions as your product evolves and more knowledge becomes available.



Reduce Risk


Better Product Decisions

untitled.pngMinimize Downtime


Adapt On-The-Fly



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